Chuangpu Service

Our company adheres to the tenet of "serving users, being responsible for users, and satisfying users", and constantly improves the quality of products and services of the company, and makes the following commitments:

Our company shall provide services in accordance with relevant national laws, regulations and rules, the "Three Guarantees" regulations and the "service pledge" provided by our company. All goods warranty service methods are our company's door-to-door warranty or return to the factory for repair, and are implemented in accordance with the following standards:

1. Since the acceptance date, our company will provide one-year free warranty service (except for man-made damage), and there is no warranty for optical component products.

2. During the warranty period, if our company receives a repair notice, our personnel shall provide immediate repair service response.

3. All equipment warranty service methods are that we send personnel to the user's equipment use site for warranty or return to the factory for maintenance. All costs incurred during the warranty period shall be borne by us (except for man-made damage).

4. After the product quality guarantee period is over, we shall continue to provide repair service response, and provide repair service at the best price, and replace the original parts.

Pre-saling support
Continuous innovation is the quality policy, adhering to continuous improvement
The company always adheres to the quality policy of quality first, customer first, realistic and efficient, and continuous innovation;
MTBFImplementation and implementation:
Operate uninterrupted 24 hours a day, and immediately organize R&D and production personnel to use 8D methods to investigate;
Promote quality control circle activities:
The planning starts from the four aspects of "improving work quality", "improving work efficiency"
Promote and implement SPC statistical process control:
SPC statistical process control is implemented in the company for key indicators of the company’s products (such as wavelength accuracy.