Probe station maintenance and maintenance
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Precautions for purchasing manual probe station

Because the manual probe station is a highly customized product, there is no unified standard. Each unit can make a specific allocation form with the cooperation of professional engineers according to their actual experimental needs and funding, and generally confirm a few questions that can be asked for the configuration. The problem is clear, and the specific configuration is clear.

   1. How many inches of wafers or components need to be measured at most?

  2.How high is the mechanical precision requirement of the probe station?

  3. What is the size of the test point (pad)?

  4. How many probes are needed at the same time at most?

   5. What is the matching test instrument?

  6. Does the test environment need to be heated or cooled?

  7. Do you need a shockproof table?

   8. Do you need a shielding box?


2: Manual probe station maintenance and maintenance

   1. Avoid collisions: Avoid collisions during installation and operation of the manual probe station. The body must be placed flat, not tilted or down, to avoid machine failure or abnormal noise.

   2. Transport of the instrument: When transporting the instrument, please unplug the power cord first.

  The instrument should be transported in a special packing box to avoid touching any moving parts of the probe station.

  3. Storage of the instrument

   After use, you need to keep it clean and try to dry the dust as much as possible to prevent the dust from contaminating the mechanical precision parts, optical parts, and electrical contact surfaces, which will reduce the accuracy of the instrument.

   When cleaning the probe station body, avoid directly splashing water to clean it, just wipe it lightly with a dust-free cloth and dry it. Do not touch the machine with hard objects to avoid malfunction or danger.

   When cleaning the optical parts of the probe station, use lens paper dipped in absolute alcohol to gently wipe from the middle to the outside. When anhydrous alcohol is flammable, pay attention to safe use.

   Please unplug the power cord to maintain the life of the machine when it is out of power, unused for a long time, or traveling.

  The operator must strictly follow the requirements to ensure the accuracy of the data and the normal use of the instrument.

   4. Working environment

  The probe station should be placed on a stable and reliable table, which can be a worktable with anti-vibration device, and avoid using it under high temperature, humid and intense vibration, direct sunlight and dusty environments.

  The suitable temperature range for use is 5℃~40℃, and the suitable humidity is 40% to 85%. If the humidity in the air is below 30%, a reliable humidity controller can control it to maintain the range of 50% to 60%. When in use, close doors and windows as much as possible to achieve dehumidification effect in the room.

  Using power supply: 220 plus or minus 10%, 50 to 60 Hz