The main purpose and performance parameters of the probe station
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High and low temperature vacuum probe station product overview

High and low temperature test under vacuum environment (4.2K~500K) can be carried out, loading magnetic field can be upgraded, low temperature radiation shield design, sample table is made of high-purity oxygen-free copper, temperature uniformity is better, temperature sensor has good stability And repetitive PT100 or calibrated silicon diode as temperature measuring device, support optical fiber spectrum characteristic test, compatible with high magnification metallurgical microscope, fine-tuned movement, high frequency characteristics of the device (support high 67GHz frequency), probe heat sink design , LD/LED/PD light intensity/wavelength test, automatic flow control, IV/CV characteristic test of materials/devices, etc.

   Application range of high and low temperature vacuum probe station: chip test under high and low temperature vacuum environment, material test, Hall test, electromagnetic transport characteristics, etc.


The main purpose of the probe station test

   Test the bonding strength of the gold and aluminum wire solder balls, the bond wire breaking strength; chip, Die bonding strength; BGA solder ball bonding strength.

   performance parameters

  A) The test range of the tensile test can be selected from 0-100G; 0-1KG; 0-10KG;

  B) The test range of the push ball test can be selected from 250G or 5KG;

  C) The chip thrust test range can be tested to 0-100 kg; 0-200KG for selection;

  D) Tweezers tear force test head range is 100G and 5KG for selection;

  E) BGA pulls the ball to 0-100G; 0-5KG for selection;

   High and low temperature vacuum probe station is mainly used in semiconductor industry, optoelectronic industry, integrated circuit and packaging testing. It is widely used in the research and development of precision electrical measurement of complex and high-speed devices, and reduces the research and development time and the cost of the device manufacturing process. It is suitable for testing the adhesion of gold and aluminum wires in various semiconductor packaging forms; and COB packaging, optoelectronics, led, SMT assembly, original and substrate adhesion testing.